This Week's Thoughts: Week 6

Sorry Charlie, I'm not winning like you are.  I'm a blob on the couch again  :(
I've never felt this woozy and weak this often. I am in a constant state of "uggh" and "bleeeh". Gingerale and rice cakes aren't cutting it anymore - I just want to take a magic pill that will knock me out until the second trimester. I'm trying to be thankful through this nausea and remember that its a blessing to be pregnant. It's hard when I want to run to the john and relieve my ickiness.. is that how you spell ickiness? Is it ickyness? Ugh.
Water, soy crisps, carrots, and applesauce. guh.
My office, built in the belly of an old cell phone factory, is poorly insulated from sound. They are currently hammering in a metal stairway above my ceiling with very thin tiles to separate me from the pounding.
Zolfran to the rescue!! Called the doctor's office and they put in a Rx to Target. I'll hopefully be nausea free soon.
Came home craving Pad Thai, I made corn and ate grapes instead.

I was greeted by a package from my mom! She bought me two books which I will blog about tomorrow.  My dad got me a stunning pearl necklace in a pretty pink box from The Philippines - it is so beautiful!! I can't wait to wear it. He also got me a beautiful handkerchief as well.

Just barfed. It's the first barf of the pregnancy. Yay?

I took a 5 hour nap after work and woke up to eat dinner. I think the biggest loss are the frozen thin mints. And now they're gone. All gone.

Since it happened at 12:30 a.m., is it morning sickness or very late night sickness?


Staying home from work today. Bleeeeeh. 


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