11 Weeks - Last Week of the First Trimester!

This little zygote is swimming around like Michael Phelps. We got a fetal heart monitor from Brad and Courtney and we had a hard time trying to get it to swim in one place. At least it looks human now!

I am so excited that this is the last week of the first trimester. My barf has transitioned from exclusively liquid to all inclusive. Still no weight gain, but my wardrobe options are dwindling by the day. It's becoming more "okay" for me to show, so I'm transitioning from baggy shirts to more form fitting clothes. Everyone knows I'm prego at this point so there's no point trying to hide it any longer! Speaking of clothes, ThinkGeek has some stellar baby stuff. (Grand)Mom is having fun shopping for her first grandchild! (Grand)Dad still loves to refer to it as LP (little peanut/little parasite)


  1. EDIT! And tiamanda calls it Sweeney. :) he he he he! :)


    Praying that Sweeney begins to behave and lets you eat semi-normally again. :)


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