14 Weeks

Almost barf free for a full week!

My belly is quickly expanding. There is no more hope for my pre-prego pants. I am now the proud owner of 4 prego pants, 1 prego skirt, 2 prego dresses and 4 prego tops. I can still wear some pre-prego tops and dresses so that helps a great deal when it comes to dressing for work.

This weekend was exactly what we needed. It was full of fun and relaxing when it needed to be. Our families are awesome :) This child will be so loved by their parents, (great) grandparents, and both related and honorary aunts and uncles.

And here is something you've been waiting for: A prego picture!!

I didn't want to post tons of pictures of me. I've been bloaty and feeling pretty fugly everyday. This is one of my new dresses and I felt like a 40s housewife - I love it! AND it has pockets!! Dresses tend to make my bump look bigger so I'll post a pic of me in jeans soon.


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