Festively Plump

I'm way rounder than any of the other October girls in my office.. like, way bigger. I'm the last one due and I'm at least twice as big as them.

Twins? Big German baby baking? Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment so I'll be sure to ask.

Here are some other questions I'll be asking:

  1. We're planning on flying to San Francisco over Memorial Day - is that safe? 
    1. I'm cleared for take-off!
  2. While we're in San Francisco, can I have fish one time?
    1. Basically, I can eat smaller, cleaner fish. Tuna is higher in mercury because it's a very large fish that eats other fish. Salmon on the other hand is better for me and I can have it about once a week. 
  3. I'm drinking at least 3-4 soda slurpees a week - is that safe?
    1. Yes and no - be careful of the sugar content. It's easy to drink a ton of calories if I'm not careful. 
  4. I'm still nauseas quite often - can I get more zofran?
    1. Yep, she sent a message to the pharmacy while I was in the room with her. I love technology!
  5. Do you have a magic pill that will shrink my boobs?
    1. Ha, I forgot to ask this one. My guess is no.
  6. Am I carrying more than one kid because it sure looks like it.
    1. She said they likely would have seen it on the 8 week ultrasound if I was.
  7. If not, what else am I packing in there?
    1. Some women are just more "showy" than others. I think I'm shaping up to be a basketball smugler.


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