13 Weeks

My kid is the size of a peach!

Nausea is subsiding - I haven't barfed in 4 days!!! That's a new record!! Slurpees are still a constant companion. I still love dairy but can't eat as much meat as before. Steak is starting to get gross, chicken is a little better, but peanutbutter is tasting more edible each day.

My belly seems to be on schedule, too judging by this artists rendering of a behbeh inside a belleh. My next appointment is a week and a half from now. This weekend will be super fun- I get to see my family and go maternity clothes shoppping with mom and Lisa! yay!!

To summarize: my skin has worsened, my confusion increased, and my thankfulness has multiplied to nearly infinite. I can't find any reason to not praise Him! This child is an undeserved blessing - God is good.


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