It's amazing how much better one feels after tossing cookies.

Something else that makes me feel better is knowing I have wonderful friends :) Amanda surprised Jonathan and I with a visit and gifts! She bought me Tangled and she bought Jonathan Tron. Any friend that would buy my husband a gift too deserves a gold star in my book. Plus, she's just awesome anyway so this just added to the overall awesomeness.
Update: throwing up pre-natal vitamins does NOT make you feel better; it just feels disgusting.


  1. :)

    OH....and...I agree about pre-natal vitamins. My doctor rec'd that they're better for all women than regular ones (especial anemic-leaning little people like me)...and I loathe them. Nausea inducing. I think sometimes that pregnancy sickness might be more from those dang vitamins than the baby. ha ha! j/k!


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