Nesting: Part 1

I suppose week 14 is when the nesting starts to take root :)

We've been blessed with so many gifts and inherited items from family and friends. We've cleaned out the room, swapped out a few furniture pieces, and sorted out what's going on the walls. Because we have an older house, our plaster walls aren't as accepting of mounted things so we have to place things right the first time.

Our plan is having a lighter wood stain convertible crib to match the bookcase and dresser that we already have. We're going to place a changing cushion thingy on top of the dresser so we don't have to go out and buy a brand new piece. We're going to put a slew of records on one of the walls, at least 9, and they're going to look awesome!! We also have a larger collage frame where we're putting pictures of family members.

Still not quite sure of the color scheme yet. I'm thinking primary colors so we can keep everything for all of the other bundles of joy we're praying we'll have. BABIES!!

This picture is of my first project: I bought about 12 different records from Goodwill for 50 cents each. Michael's was having a sale on record frames so we stocked up at $5 each. This is the gender neutral version. I have more things for girls than boys (especially since I love musicals and ballet) so Jonathan will need to help me find some manly records if we end up having a boy.


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