Food : Part 3

The food I could rely on is no longer an option.

I hate the taste of ginger(ale), I gag when I brush my teeth with mint tooth paste, and I can barely finish a saltine. However, I LOVE jello!! I can also do lemon and lime flavored things.

Usually Thai was my go-to when feeling especially awful. We bought Thai today and after four bites, I put it in the fridge and laid down in agony. Did you know that Thai noodles comes up pink? True story. My post-barf treat was a strawberry milkshake and chex mix.
On a related note, if you want to have a horror movie barf, I recommend eating red jello, steak, apple juice, and salad. It's pretty horrific, especially in a McDonald's bathroom during Saturday lunch rush.


  1. Ok, now Sweeney is ruining Thai food? What is that about? Tell that kid to get it together! :)

    <3 you, <3 Jon, <3 Sweeney. :)


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