Dear Six Month Old Joanna

 Dear Joanna,

I love you.

I've spent half a year getting to know you and all of your ridiculous faces. From day one, you've had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. It seems that God grabbed the best of everything in our families and merged them to make your gorgeous face. (Because of this, you're not allowed to date until you're 30. We can talk about taking off some years for good behavior.)

In your first month, you scared mommy by losing some of your fluff. Even though I wasn't able to physically provide enough nutrients for you, you still looked to me as a provider of love, comfort, and snuggles. When I felt like I was too sad or too tired to hold you, all you had to do was look at me with your enormous eyes and I was yours. You make me a better mom because of who you are.

In your second month, you started smiling every day. Those big apple cheeks would emerge and your eyes would light up the room! At three months, we were able to tickle you and hear your infectious belly laugh. Four months came and we introduced you to your new best friend: bananas. You've since gained other friends like sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, apples, beans, and oatmeal, but your closest comrade will always be your big yellow friend. At five months old, you were joined by two bottom teeth. You also learned a new trick: sucking on your lips. So stinkin' cute.

And now you are 6 months old. So much has changed in our lives and we are the better for it. God answered our prayers and we have you, baby girl. We love you. Thank you for making us laugh every day.

Mein Über Kinder is now 20 pounds 8 ounces - of course my German baby would be precise and double her birth weight.  Her length is 27 3/4 inches and her giant brain is resting inside of her giant 17.5 inch head. She's a big ball of 98th percentile goodness!


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