Tummy Troubles

I love/hate my stomach.

I love my stomach for protecting my baby while she grew and formed eyes, legs, kidneys, a brain, and other important things. I love my stomach for keeping me warm in the Winter. I love my stomach for being a shelf when I slouch on the couch.

I hate my stomach for staying around after baby left 6 months ago. My arms, waist, and legs are all in better shape than ever before - but the sag is still there. I changed my diet, I started exercising, yet it protrudes the same now as it did 5 months ago. When I lie down, it's gone. When I stand up, it taunts me. I feel like a kangaroo with an empty sack because my Joey is too big for her mama's pouch.

Thank you for your hard work, stomach. I really do appreciate what you did for me and my family. But it's time for you to go away for a little while. I need a break before we see each other again.

Feel free to take some of my chest with you.


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