Mamamamama's Day

Joanna said her first word:

"Mam mam mam mam maaaaaa"

I'm interpreting it as her saying "Dearest mother, I love you. Happy Mother's Day."

Why thank you, Joanna!

And then she showed her newest moves:

Today was also the first time she went to our Church Nursery instead of staying in the main sanctuary with us. One word: liberating.

While worshipping and hearing our Pastor, God reminded me of how He guides and provides. 

Two years ago I cried out, angry and confused at God for not allowing me to become a mother.
You are peace, You are peace when my fear is crippling.
You are truth, You are truth even in my wandering.

One year ago I cried out, thankful and overwhelmed that I would meet my precious daughter in a few short months.
You are joy, You are joy. You're the reason that I sing.
You are life, You are life. In You death has lost its sting. 

Today I cried out, humbled and overjoyed that I was chosen to love and care for someone so precious.
You are more, you are more than my words could ever say.
You are Lord! You are Lord! All creation will proclaim.
You are here. You are here. In your presence I'm made whole.
You are God. You are God. Of all else I'm letting go!

God is so good. So good.


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