Happy Birthday Daddy

[This was meant to go up on May 15th. Ooops]

My darling baby daddy,

I love you.
He's so hot, he's on fire.

You are my favorite person.

I couldn't think of anyone better to have children with. You make me laugh everyday. You make me feel beautiful no matter what I eat. You make me feel wanted. You make me feel like a natural woman. Well, not too natural. I love processed foods and air conditioning, but you do make me feel like a good mom.

I fell in love with you so quickly that it scared me a bit. We knew within months that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together but we were too young to get married right away - so we waited 3 years. It was a very long 3 years. During that time, you showed me that you love God, your family, and you love people.

The way you treated me confirmed what I already felt: you would be an amazing husband. Seeing the way you interacted with the boys confirmed what I already knew: you would be an amazing dad.

While we tried to get pregnant, you remained calm and always told me I was beautiful. You kept me rooted and that was the best thing you could have done.

A few days after my 26th birthday, you found out I was pregnant before I did! I was too scared to look at the pee stick. When I asked you, "Is it not pregnant?" You paused and said ".. No.." and I yelled "AM I PREGNANT??" And you said nothing. Instead, you gave me a look of excitement and sheer fear (aka shfear).  You did a somersault and started jumping!

Our little family is so much fun. I know Joanna loves you so much. She feels safe with you. She feels adventurous with you. She is fearless when she sits on your lap. She is your little girl.

I love you darling. Joanna loves you. Happy birthday.


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