Horrible Mother

I'm a horrible mother.

Let me 'splain: I'm a pale, pale woman with many a freckle upon my cheek and shoulders. My offspring is pale from a lack of sun exposure. Until today.

I was so excited about an outdoor play date and mini photo session. I spent the morning planning Joanna's outfit and preparing for the day's adventure. I even put in contacts and wore foundation - it was going to be a big day.

I walked out of the door lugging my love and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't need my sunglasses - hooray! We arrived and immediately joined Joanna's cousin Micah and gabbed about teeth, diapers, vaccines, and MENSA. I noticed that Joanna was squinting her eyes when I would lay her flat on her back but then would become distracted by something/anything and roll on her merry way. We took photos, she ate, I changed her, we took a cloth diaper bum photo, and we went back home.

6 hours later, after we put Joanna to bed, I notice that I'm a shade of mauve. "Crap." I say to myself. (I actually said a more colorful word, similar to my current complexion). I immediately lathered aloe lotion all over the top half of my body in hopes that I would moisturize my mistake away. Stupid sun. The one day I don't wear my usual 70 spf is the day you "mark your territory" on my shoulders.

I tried to check Joanna's cheeks and head but the lighting in her room is awful. So here I type, feeling like a horrible mother with sore shoulders and itchy arms, not knowing if my negligence will have a painful impact on my little one. Hopefully she'll be more like her dad and tan like a Californian.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Morning Update: Joanna is a bit more beige but isn't burned. Phew! California pigmentation ftw!


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