Amazing People

Baby is half-baked and we've already been so blessed by our family and friends. My friend lent me many of her maternity clothes, my mom generously bought me some fancy maternity clothes for work and formal occasions, my in-laws and sister-in-law have already supplied adorable baby toys, Lisa and Rich bought us a fun prego journal, co-workers have given their baby clothes, Brad and Courtney gave us a Bjorn, and now my grandparents-in-law have blessed us with this adorable bouncy chair! I can't get over how flippin' cute this chair is. I want one in my size.
Wow. We have amazing people in our lives!
Yes, even MORE awesomeness!

Two friends on Facebook asked for my mailing address because they had something for Joanna! How cool is that? One was a former teacher and the other is the mom of a high school friend. God is really cool.


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