What the heck is in there?

I feel HUGE! I don't feel fat or ugly, I just feel HUGE!

I mean c'mon, I'm only 21 weeks in this picture and I look like I'm 7 months. I keep getting comments like "oh! You must e having a big baby!" or "Are you having twins?" or "Are you SURE you're only 21 weeks?"

The ultrasound on the 20th will (God willing) tell us what we're having and how many of them are actually in there.

I'm so thankful to be carrying all in one place and not all over my body. I'm very thankful that this has been a pretty good pregnancy (minus the nausea). I'm super thankful to even BE pregnant!!

So here's to the kid(s)!


  1. I was really huge with Emily around 20 weeks and there was a time when everyone was asking if I was having twins (funny to think of now) and it lasted throughout the end of my pregnancy. We found out that I was carrying tons of extra fluid just in my tummy area and it all went away within 10 days of giving birth (I ended up being 5lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight 10 days post op). Everyone carries differently and its hard not to compare. Did they suspect twins with your 8 week ultrasound because that's usually when they can tell... for us it was very obvious even without the internal ultrasound.

  2. You look great Laura! Love that pretty dress. I'm glad you feel good right now! Isn't all this weight on the front of us really an odd feeling all of sudden? Bending over is pretty tricky these days...

  3. Thanks ladies! There's only like a 10% chance at this point that it's twins, so we're only putting one of everything on the registry :)


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