Stop Mono Railing Me

This week has been tougher. A few weeks back, my nausea was like the flu and mono wrapped into one fun time. Now, the flu part has subsided with the help of Zofran, but the tiredness/weakness is still here. I'm exhausted, light headed, and have a hard time focusing. There isn't any direct pain, but I'm not myself. The only way to describe it is that it's like mono. I took two half days from work this week so I could come home and sleep.

Next week is my doctoral intensive (a one week class that runs 9-5 with some pre-work and post-work). I can't take a sick day next week - please be praying for me. Missing a day would be like missing 3 weeks of class.  The week after my intensive is my 3-day New York City trip with my mom. Two weeks after is my baby shower in Manassas, followed by OBB, followed by Jeff and Anne's wedding.. ahh! Busy times approaching!


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