Zofran Free: Day One

I ran out of Zofran again. Instead of calling the doctor I'm going to try and rough it out. I'm nearing week 21 and I'm praying that utilizing "natural" methods (flat soda, mint, etc) will help me again. Zofran is amazing, don't get me wrong. I just want to make sure I'm allowing my body to get well on its own when it's ready. When I'm constantly popping anti-nausea something pills, it doesn't give me a chance to realistically guage where I am in getting over the (not just in the) morning sickness.

So Day One is going pretty well. The pizza I usually eat each day tastes different and is sitting awkwardly on my stomach. When I wash it down with a Dr. Pepper (made with real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup), I feel better.

PS - The sinus infection is finally out of my nose and in my throat. This means I can breathe with my mouth closed!! Horray!!

------ UPDATE ---------

How adorable of me - I lasted about 6 hours without Zofran before calling the doctor and getting more. I am VERY thankful I caved and got more because I was pretty sick a few times this weekend. Rx drugs = good.


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