Bubble of Doom

I firmly believe that one should be the change they wish to see in the world. When I get mad at pedestrians crossing without concern for oncoming traffic, I then make sure to be aware of traffic when I'm a pedestrian. When I hate seeing drivers not use their signals, I make sure I use mine. When I hear people complain about trivial things, I make sure not to complain.

Well, I'm breaking the rule for a moment.

I have a complaint. I hurt. My ribs feel bruised, I can't take a deep breath, and I have giant bubbles in my lungs that I just want to pop. I don't know if its gas, I don't know if its heartburn, but I do know it's from the baby. Sunday marks the halfway point of my pregnancy.

ooooooooow, okay that hurts. The giant bubble of doom is moving down thanks to the Tums, which makes it hurt in my stomach now instead of just my upper lung area.

Ahhh, yea. Okay I know it'll be worth it and everything, but right now it sucks. Labor will be far worse. But right now, this still sucks.
Not sure if it's related to yesterday's massive bubble of doom, but I am now the proud owner of a sinus infection! I'm popping tylenol and fake sudafed for now to take care of the symptoms.
I was supposed to sing this Sunday with my team - not this month :(


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