21 Weeks

Baby is the size of a banana! How fun is that?
I'm getting ansy about learning what it is!! At week 18, we had the option of buying a $125 3-D sonogram that would tell us the sex, but we're trying to save as much money as we can. It's not urgent that we find out what it is, we're just really excited to know! I've seen others' sonogram pictures of 22 week old fetuses (is that the correct plural for fetus?) and they are adorable!!
I'm still sick each day and it's getting rather annoying. I want to be off of Zofran. Whenever I try to go off, my body punishes me and I miss work. No bueno.

Despite still having nausea, I've officially hit the 180 mark in my weight! (I started at 165 ish). I don't feel heavier, just rounder. I should be more concerned about my more-than-ideal weight gain, but I'm not. I've been eating a normal amount of calories and everything is functioning properly in terms of waste management. My appetite has only recently increased to wanting more than just cereal and slurpees. I'm going to ask the doctor how much she recommends I weigh at this point, and if it should be less, how can I lose or minimize future gain so I can have a healthy baby and be a healthy mama.

C'mon October!!


  1. It's the "20 week blossom"! One of the nurses in my doctor's office told me that at week 20/21 after I stepped off the scale and a look of shock must have been on my face. She said it's totally normal because the fluid is increasing, water retention is in full force, etc. All for the baby, right?

  2. I second Megan! I've only gained 1 lb this pregnancy but I know the big gain is coming at my next appt. It happened with Emily as well. The best thing though is to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns and they'll help put your mind at ease :)

  3. It better be all baby.. haha. They haven't voiced concerns or guidance about weight loss, so I'm just truckin' along with healthy eating.


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