Location Location Location.. of the Placenta

We had ice cream and dinner with friends of ours (in that order) and they are due a few days before us. Her bump is adorably small while mine is festively plump. While we were comparing symptoms, she was talking about how she feels everything her little boy does and how I don't feel anything.  Her doc told her that it has a lot to do with the placement of the placenta!

Posterior High Placenta versus Anterior High Placenta

Her placenta is posterior (toward her spine), which means there's nothing to cushion the kicks. Her doc also said this may be why she wasn't showing much at this point. Mine is "anterior high" which means it's cushioning all the wiggles and jabs, and probably why I started showing right away. At the end of the day, having a high placenta is ideal. If the placenta is low, it could block the baby's exit and result in a C-section. Our placentas are in good shape.

So yay for high placentas!


  1. Very interesting... I'll have to ask my OB on Thursday what position my placentas are. Since I have one for each baby, I guess its possible for them to be positioned differently? I never knew this! Thanks for posting!


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