We'll Know at 22 Weeks

No I don't know what it is yet. Yes I want to find out. We won't find out until 22 weeks. No, I'm not 22 weeks yet. (June 20th is the day)

Okay now that I have that out of the way:

We've been hanging out in California this week with our friends Brad and Courtney, who are expecting a beautiful boy in August. It's been really fun seeing our husbands interact with each other and catch up on old times while we waddle around trying to take naps and eat snacks whenever we can. We went into a Motherhood Maternity together and the store associates thought we were sisters - "well kind of. Our husbands are best friends and act like brothers, so that counts." We also had way too much fun in the Carter outlet. (check out the previous post to see my loot!)

Sometimes when I look at us beside each other, I can't help but think we are close to the same size. I've been pacing back and forth in my head - What if my doctor gave me the wrong due date? What if it's twins? What if my placenta is gargantuan? The other chicas that are prego with me are smaller and all due before me. My baby's heartbeat is strong (in the 150 range at every check-up) and I'm still nauseas so I don't doubt the health of the baby, but I just want to know more about him/her. The last ultrasound was internal and at 8 weeks - that's a reeeeally long time ago! The doc also hasn't been measuring my belly at all. Is that strange?

I'm thinking too much, just like I was last year. It's so strange how a year changes everything. Reading back over our anxieties, I'm calmed knowing that God has it all figured out. He knew what He was doing then and He definitely knows what He's doing now.

Who cares if its a boy or a girl! It's a BABY!


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