Nesting: Part Two

I had another terrific yard sale morning! $30 spent on Joanna and she has now quadrupled her wardrobe.  I went to three yard sales, two of which had great baby items. (I ended up spending $50 total because I bought some things for daddy and me :)

My booty includes a rainbow xylophone, a VHS Denise Austin prego exercise (haha), 7 pairs of pants, 10 onesies, 2 jeans, denim overalls, 7 pairs of socks, 3 jackets, 3 complete outfits (pants, shirt, and matching hat or bib), Baby Einstein building blocks, 2 Noah's Arks (one had all of the animals, one was just an ark), machine washable baby book and inch worm, two pairs of adorable shoes, 3 flower pegs for stuff, two night gowns, a reversible sweater, 2 hats, baby bottle and pacifier drying rack, fitted crib sheet, and a pink Boppy cover.

Favorite Outfits: A red velvet Valentine's Day dress, a Got Milk? onesie, and a yellow polkadot bug outfit for Grandma.

Phew!! I am so thankful that the sellers were graciously bundling their prices. Retail, I probably would be looking at a $200 pricetag. If I followed the original pricetags at the Yardsale, it would have easily been $50 for these items. They saw my bump, were very helpful, and cut me some great deals.


  1. If you're ever in Manassas on a Thursday, Community Thrift puts all their clothes on sale for 50% off and I've heard that they have some pretty good stuff since they've moved to the building next to Fridays. It might be worth a look if/when you're here. I know with our 2 coming and no winter clothes yet in the stores, I'm going over there to stock up. Also, our Ross has a great selection of little girl clothes for much much cheaper than retail if you're looking for a few new outfits!

  2. Oooh nice! I'm usually only in town on Friday night - Sunday afternoon, but if I get a Friday off, I'll be sure to come up with cash in hand. Our Ross is awful.


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