1 tooth, 2 teeth, 3 teeth, Crawl!

My 2 toothed babe is now the proud owner of 5 sharp enamel razor blades in her gums. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for her to have bones jutting out of her face for no good reason. I keep telling her that teeth are great for eating ribs and corn on the cob, but she isn't the slightest bit amused. In fact, she expresses her lack of enthusiasm into a faster getaway because she is CRAWLING.

And did I mention we're packing up the house this week to move? Rather than wait for a job in Fredericksburg to move out of our old and horribly not-safe-for-kids home, we're moving into another house in town that our parents own. They're allowing us to pay a similar rent to what we are paying now even though their house is much nicer, bigger, and baby safe. I'll also be able to walk around in the neighborhood without feeling like I need to pack heat. Because the new house will be a "transition home", I'm labeling boxes with "FBurg" and "LBurg" so we can keep a majority of our things still packed for our next home in Fredericksburg.

Did I mention that Joanna is crawling? I should clarify - most of her body is crawling. One of her legs hasn't quite caught on to the method. When she gets frustrated with crawling, she easily rolls to her destination in seconds flat.

And now Joanna is sprawled out on daddy's belly watching Caillou. Usually we put her straight to bed but her teeth and the heat gave her (and us) a rough day. We're going to enjoy having her on our bellies before she crushes us beneath her fluff and wiggles.


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