Sharing our Experience

Hello blog readers!

I wanted to properly communicate how thankful we are to have you in our lives. Your prayers, good vibrations, and well wishes are amazing. Thank you.

I am finding more things to be thankful for each day. The biggest thing I am thankful for is how our story is encouraging others. My desire in sharing our story is not to garner sympathy. We shared our story so that other women and men will know that they aren't alone in their loss.

If you enter a lull in a conversation and want to share some juicy tidbit about someone you know, please don't use our experience as a "Hey, did you hear that Laura had a miscarriage?" "Oh, bless her heart". But if you know of someone that has experienced a miscarriage and you think our story can be an encouragement to them, please share it. If they just want to sit in a room and cry with someone who went through it, let them know I'm really good at crying; professional even.

We're placed into communities for a reason: to be with each other. We're here to help, hug, humble, and have a good time with each other.


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