Goodbye Wilton

Ermagerd, I haven't updated in a week? What's wrong with me?

Oh wait, I remember: we moved [12 miles West] and never looked back.

I adored our little ghetto home (or "ghetthome" if you will). It was quaint with character. If I could transplant the house (and re-do the floors), I would bring it with me to Northern Virginia. But alas - 1920s homes don't travel well.

Although the list of things I won't miss is rather long, I will instead be a positive Polly and talk about what I will miss.

The door knobs - most are original to the house and thusly are gorgeous. They had a tendency to not function consistently but I still loved them.

The knob to the bathroom medicine cabinet - for some reason I really love that knob. I'm tempted to go back and steal it.

The columns in our living room - What? Your house doesn't have columns in the living room? You're missing out, my friend.

Creepy basement
The tiny bedrooms and large living room - because people in the 1920s actually lived in their living rooms and only used their bedrooms for sleeping, the size of said rooms followed suit. On a side note, the closets were atrociously small; the master bedroom closet was as wide as a chair.

The creepy basement slash interrogation room - I only went into the basement once - when we first looked at the house. I am thankful for this room because it was Jonathan's job as man of the house and father of my child was to venture into the dirt floor, dank, and musty cave to retrieve Christmas decorations or restart the fuses.

Sunset from our front porch

I am excited and relieved to leave this home. It gave us wonderful memories but it also unfortunately holds memories of my miscarriage. It was also in a neighborhood that was not ideal for taking walks or getting to know your neighbors. It was time for us to say goodbye.

I'm so thankful for God's timing in all of this. He has a tendency to prepare us for something over several months and then BOOM- several major events converge at once before a big change.

Farewell, Wilton House. You were good to us and I hope you feel we were good to you.


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