Nine Months

Nine months? Whoah. It took 9 months to grow her. What have I been doing the past 18 months??

Squishy McDonut is now 22lbs! She is 28.5 inches long and her head is still in the 98th percentile. "Big baby" blah blah blah.

Everything is good, her finger prick test came back healthy, she sleeps well, is developmentally on track, is ahead of schedule for talking, and has two more teeth.


Squishy McFart Face now has 8 teeth - 4 on top, 4 on bottom. Yikes!

She loves crawling and trying to escape her baby cage so she can pet the cat or eat our food. She can pull herself up onto her knees but hasn't mastered getting to her feet. She still does an army crawl and I'm in no hurry to have her crawl quickly.

In the waiting room, Joanna quickly made friends with everyone and every thing. I met several mommies and their children - two of whom commented on Joanna's fluffy hair and/or big thighs. Kids say the darndest things. Joanna then tried to eat them. No really, she did. They put their hands in her face and she went after them. That'll teach your kid to call my kid fluffy.

Joanna discovered the wonderful world of doctor's office table liners. 

Mommy's little Beethoven, complete with big hair and growling disposition

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Nomming on a Game Boy


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