Hospital Bill - Emergency Room Visit

After the popularity of my first Hospital Bill post, and the cautious curiosity of others, I decided to post the details of our visit to the emergency room on June 29th.

The ER Visit: $473.05
Laboratory: $276.75
Other Imaging Services: $233.55
Pharmacy: $4.57

Total Charges $987.92

Insurance Adjustments $ -595.57

Total Amount We Owe: $392.35

So how are we going to pay $400 on our already strapped budget? God. We're getting an unexpected security deposit back from our old house, so that will hopefully bring in $650. However, we may owe ADT about $535 to cancel our security system subscription 2 years early. It was going to be $800 but I talked them down to $535. After the deposit is added and ADT is subtracted, we'll only owe $272.

It's still a lot of money, but God keeps finding ways of providing for us: He won't stop providing now. Plus, payment plans are a beautiful thing.


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