2010 in Review

God taught us so much this year. Be very careful when you ask for patience, God is swift to give you something to be patient about. In this year of waiting, crying, and frustration, God has shown us hope, blessings, and thankfulness.

I am more thankful than ever for the blessings He has given us. Jesus' grace is the only thing that covers me and rescues me. In a nutshell, I was saved by grace at 13 from a past of sexual abuse and depression. After I began my life as a Christian, I fell into dangerous relationships with a different kind of sexual abuse and deeper depression. God had to separate me from my life in order to get my attention and get me on the right road. Because of His grace, I am now a 25 year old that has lived a life that some hope to have. I have traveled the world, I'm married to my best friend, I have a job that I love in the midst of this horrible economy, I have a community of believers that make me excited about my relationship with God, I have earned two college degrees with no outstanding student loans, parents that love me, in-laws that love me, and a plethora of friends that love us. I have so much more than most - I am blessed.

I learned this year that biological children are a privilege and not a right. We may not be able to have our own children, but that doesn't mean we can't be spiritual parents to children who don't have what they need. We may be destined to be foster parents. We may be destined to be adoptive parents. We may be destined to have an animal sanctuary and save homeless dogs and cats. Only God knows and I'm okay with that. (wow, I can't believe I just typed that.) I'm okay with God having control. I have peace knowing He's the one with the baton, He's the CEO in the corner office calling the shots. I trust Him because I love Him and I know He wants what is best for us.

I have learned so much this year and waiting has grown my faith and has helped me realize what I'm thankful for.


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