Pre-emptive Strikes

I blocked all of the pregnant people and new mothers in my Facebook newsfeed. No more status updates about "we just heard the heartbeat!" or "I hate getting fat" or "Come bring me food! This prego needs a sandwich!"

I canceled my doctor's appointment at my old OBGYN and made one with a new practice with an actual doctor that works 5 days a week rather than a nurse that only works once a week. (no offense to nurses at all, but as someone having fertility issues I want to be sure I can make an appointment when I'm bleeding unexpectedly and not wait until the following Thursday for blood results that are rendered inconclusive because I waited too long). Everything I've been doing has been on my own because she wasn't concerned that after a full year a healthy young couple in their 20s couldn't have a baby. What crap! Obviously something wasn't adding up, so I'm taking the initiative and going to another practice that cares about conception and not just about those who're already pregnant.

I've printed my chart and have all of my data to show my new doctor tomorrow at 10:00.

Here goes nothing, here goes everything
Gotta reach for something or you'll fall for anything


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