New Year New Doctor

I saw my new doctor today and I think she probably thinks I'm a nut, haha. I cried a lot. I walked into the waiting room and saw a co-worker and we chatted about why we were there, then I saw the girl that said "Everyone's done it" and we didn't say hello to each other. It's not that I don't like her, but I'm tired of the constant reminders that we're not pregnant. We didn't even make eye contact, so maybe she didn't see me?

Went in, got basic things done, cried because there were photos of newborns staring at me, went in the room to wait and started crying, so I grabbed a tissue and the doc came in as I was behind the door getting a tissue. I said "oh sorry! I'm just hiding." She probably doesn't realize my sense of humor so "I'm just hiding" may not have been the best thing to vouch for my mental and emotional stability in this journey to motherhood.

We talked, she recommended a hysterosalpingogram (HSG), then she'll put me on clomid. (You may recall that this procedure was recommended in November and there was no follow-up from the nurse doctor). I asked if I could be put on clomid first and she said that the HSG is a two fold procedure - it will help check my plumbing while flushing it out at the same time. I have to have it done on the first few days of my period, so we have to wait until next month because we were only a day late to have it done this month. That really sucked to hear that I'd have to wait ANOTHER month because I was a day late to have an appointment for it. Anyway, the procedure will help the clomid work even better because the small "debris" will be out of the way. So, if all goes well, March could be the month we finally have good news to share. I can't help but think that if my previous nurse doctor had made the appointment for the HSG when she first spoke about it, we could have been on clomid and be pregnant now. Alas, can't do nothin 'bout it now.

I'm feeling hopeful. I like this new place. Plus, they had a sign that told peope to not wear scented lotions or perfumes because of people's allergies - how cool is that? (I'm allergic to a lot of perfume, lotion, candles, etc so that sign meant so much to me.)


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