Jonathan and I tend to have a lot of adventures together, usually they are unintentional.

Tonight we were going to get Jon's sample to the lab. The lab closed at 6pm and we get off of work at 5pm, so we got home at about 5:15pm, got back out the door at 5:45pm, drove to the lab we used last time, Jon stayed in the car while I jumped out with the sample inside of my sweatshirt, got to the lit office, knocked on the locked door, and the custodian came up and said (through the locked door) that he thinks they closed 2 hours ago. It was the wrong lab. It was 5:57, meaning there was no time for us to get to the other lab. We can't do another sample for 3 days. We'll be in Vegas until Sunday. FML.

Jonathan, the light of my life, said that maybe this is God telling us to stop rushing things. I keep saying that I'm okay with waiting this long, but am I really? Am I enjoying this time? Am I thankful for it? Or am I going through the motions so I can hurry to the next chapter?

I'm also considering not doing IUI's quite yet. At tonight's Dave Ramsey session, I kept thinking that the money we would use for an IUI could pay for a local adoption. I'm going to be praying a lot this weekend.


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