Next Steps

Saw the doc for a pap and we talked a bit about future options. She mentioned that after I do the HSG, we could start intrauterine insemination (IUI) with the clomid. I was a little shocked, I told her I thought we just talked about the clomid first to see if that worked. She said she'd like to do both to really increase our chances, so I said "okay!" Jon's also going to do another test soon. To make him feel better, I had the doctor write a perscription for more sex. I'm going to frame it for Valentine's Day! haha

My biggest concern about doing IUI so soon is really just financial. I'm excited, I'm not scared about the pain or anything, but I know it tends to get pricey. My parents have said they would help us in any way they could. I heard that insurance will cover the first go-around but I need to check on that. I don't want to go running to mommy and daddy for help. I'm going to let them know what the doctor says and not tell them the cost - they can offer if they want to.

On a semi-related note, we start the Dave Ramsey series tonight so we can better manage our money. I want to prepare like we're going to have twins so we can be in good shape either way. If we end up with one beautiful baby, we'll have enough to donate to someone who needs it.

I like the feeling of motion - I like knowing that we are progressing in some way down this road.


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