Phone Tag

So I FINALLY got a hold of the doctor's office: they called my cell, work, and emailed me to call them back. After my meeting, I called them and waited on hold for about 10 minutes to the tune of bad Paul McCartney and Kenny G.

She politely let me know that I haven't had a pap smear since 2008 - Really?! This just is another confirmation that the other doctor's office didn't know what they were doing. They let me go 2 full years without an updated pap. I didn't realize I was that far behind because I assumed they would tell me when I needed another one, like how the dentist sends you a postcard with a happy tooth in the mail when you need another cleaning.

Appointment set for tomorrow at 10:45. More waiting room fun times will ensue I'm sure.

PS - another girl at work is pregnant. If my November had resulted in a pregnancy, we'd have the same due month.


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