As a prego, I can have about 200 mg of caffeine each day. I started out strong with no caffeine, but quickly learned that I miss my dear friend: soda. Oh soda, that bubbly carbination combination of sugar and acid - how I miss thee! I gave up on my usual diet sodas because the jury is still out on how much harm it can cause to Button.

I found a great chart from the Center for Science in the Public Interest that gives the caffeine content in many drinks (and drugs). After reading it over, I learned some cool things:
  • A 12oz Dr. Pepper (42mg of caffeine) has more caffeine than a 12oz Pepsi (38mg of caffeine)
  • A Hershey's Dark Chocolate bar (31mg of caffeine) has almost as much caffeine as a 12 oz coke (35mg of caffeine).
  • A Spike Shooter (300mg) has more caffeine than cocaine (288mg)
  • A cup of hot cocoa has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a Hershey's Kiss (between 9-13mg)
  • Extra strength Excedrin has 130mg


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