Here Goes

For some reason, God had my cycle linked to my worship team rotation. Every Sunday, there would be another reminder of God's control and not my own. Usually this reminder would propel me onto the floor in prayer, but sometimes it would make me bitter and even more angry toward God. Even on weeks where I'd be late or it would shift, I could rely on it happening the Sunday I was on stage.

This past Sunday, our team was on stage and it was the first time I had a special. I am known as the cryer because I can NEVER get through singing a worship song without crying. Every audition I've had at my church, I've cried. This song is the first one I didn't cry through which is a miracle unto itself because the words are so powerful:

I never got anywhere by running away.
I never learned anything without a mistake.
Never loved anyone by playing it safe
It's a long way down, but I'm here right now so

Here goes nothing
Here goes everything
Gotta reach for something or you'll fall for anything
Take a breath, take a step.
What comes next - God only knows.
So here goes!

I don't want to turn around and wonder what happened.
"Never lost" and "never found" are one in the same
I wanna run accross the battle lines and take my chances
Not the long way 'round, when I'm here right now


And what good is chance not taken?
What good is life not livin'?
What good is love not given?


Ahhhhh such a powerful song. The words are so simple but they can kick you in the face at the same time.

"Never lost and never found are one in the same"


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