A Year Ago

I started this blog a little less than a year ago on Feb 22, 2010. I started it because I misread a pregnancy test and thought it was positive. I made it so I could chronicle this journey, much like my vlog I created for the 100 days before I got married. Well, 6 hours after misreading the first test (and after taking a halfday from work and buying a baby blanket and card from Target so I could surprise Jonathan), I took another test and it was negative. We were devastated.

SO much has happened in a year. I never thought God would allow us to wait over a year since we started trying on Christmas of 2009. I know His plan is bigger than mine. I surrendered this desire to him last month and I could immediately see a change in my attitude toward children and pregnant women. I still got a sore attitude toward God and my circumstances, but I didn't take it out on others nearly as often. What a difference a year makes!

I'm thankful for this struggle - I know I will appreciate my children more than we would have if it was easy to get pregnant. We know they are truly a gift from God and not an expected part of being an adult.


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