Our Families Know Now

We told our families!

The first family member I told was Lisa (my brother Richie's wife). I emailed her a picture of the test on Thursday morning. I told her I was nervous that we didn't have other tests to back it up, but she said don't worry because, "You are SOOO PREGNANT!" haha. Lisa can always make me smile!

On Friday, I sent flowers to my parents with a note that said "Dear Grandma and Grandpa, SURPRISE! You'll be meeting your first grandchild in October! Love, Jonathan and Laura" My dad has been in the Philippines for two weeks so my mom thought he sent the flowers. She was on the phone with her good friend Rachel and she read the card out loud and started screaming and dancing with joy! Rachel and her husband John (and her kids) have been family friends since before I was born - I'm glad they know so my mom can gush over her future grandbaby with someone. Because my dad was still in the Philippines, mom said to email him, which I thought was kind of lame but it was better than waiting a day! I also emailed my Grandma and Grandpa, which again is kind of lame, but it's nice that they know now.

Jonathan wanted to send his parents a card with 4 smaller cards that spelled B-A-B-Y. We sent it yesterday, so hopefully they'll get it Monday!

Today, we just had lunch with his siblings that live in Lynchburg and they are all really excited! They said they were taking bets as to what we were going to tell them - that we were either pregnant or would be moving. Jen and David's son Kaleb turns 8 soon so David was telling us Jonathan a lot of great tips.


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