35 Week Doctor Visit

These are the questions I'm asking on this go around:

  1. Is there something I can do to keep down the swelling in my hands and feet?
    1. Not really. Eat less salt and elevate your feet when posible.
  2. The tylenol I take isn't helping with body aches. What can I do?
    1. Manage.
  3. Sometimes it feels like I'm wearing a belt that's too tight - is that a real contraction if its also in my back?
    1. If they're still random, there's no concern. They are likely Braxton Hicks. 
  4. Are you suuure I'm due October 23rd?
    1. Yes.
AND they didn't do an ultrasound. Suck. They're going to do one at 38 weeks.

Doc measured my belly - 39 inches! She didn't give a guestimate on how much Joanna weighs and I forgot to ask. Next appointment is October 7th!


  1. Our kiddos are going to be born around the same time (as long as mine decide to stay in until the recommended 36 weeks). I know where you're coming from with the pain... its pretty intense. Our babies have dropped and its quite intense.

    I'm sorry you didnt get to have an ultrasound today... its always disappointing when we think we're going to get a glimpse of them and it doesnt pan out. Just think, in 5 weeks, you'll get to hold her and cuddle her and look at her whenever you want in person which is way cooler than in black and white on an ultrasound. :)


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