I Feel Pregnant

Today was rough. It marks the end of a sinus infection and the first day that I've truly felt pregnant at every moment of the day. I woke up with a sore back and swollen feet, wobbled into the kitchen to soothe my nauseated stomach, and attempted to find a suitable outfit for church. Nothing I tried made me feel good or even approachable. I wasn't trying to be glamorous or cute; I just wanted to be comfortable. The process took over an hour and I was thankful we attend the third service.

Jonathan and I went to Starbucks to spend some gift cards. My drink and bagel weren't enough to curtail my appetite so we also hit up the McDonalds drive through for a chicken nugget kid meal. With protein and caffeine coursing through my veins, I was able to worship God without my body distracting me! Yay! As we learned about the amazing things Jesus is doing in Ethiopia, I was able to shift my weight and reposition every part of me so I could sit comfortably for a few minutes at a time. Church ended, I ate a few meatballs and ice cream from the green room, and we ate lunch at home. Nom Nom Nom.

No matter what I ate, drank, or did, I felt gross all day. I slept for a bit but woke up anxious and wanting to clean the house. I'm still fidgety and want to distract myself from feeling so icky. Jonathan has been so wonderful this weekend. I'm truly blessed that he's the father of my child and the love of my life!

7 more weeks until we meet our sweet little girl. I know my hormones won't normalize right away, but I think having a wonderful face to look at will make it all better.


  1. I am sorry you had a yucky day. Thank you for sharing your blog with me and as soon as I figure out how to follow you I will! I love the way you express yourself. You are awesome Laura and Joanna is so blessed and lucky to have you and jonathon as parents!

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