Pain in the (B)ack

Yesterday was a day of true waddling - my lower left side of my back shooting down to my left kneecap was hurting each time I put weight on my left leg. This is the first time I've had back pain so I'm kind of excited to have another pregnancy symptom. I came home early from work and hauled up in my rocking chair for the rest of the day with my work laptop. Best office ever.

At night I had difficulty sleeping correctly. My back pain would alternate from left to right. This morning I woke up with no pain! My sensitive spot has also shifted further down and I now feel more pressure on my pelvis. This is making me think that she's engaged!! (that means her body is head down and preparing for her exit/entrance.) She's supposed to engage around this time and I think this is what its supposed to feel like? I feel like my bump is lower, too but that may be my imagination. I can definitely feel my hips trying to stretch and expand, too.

Just a few more weeks of discomfort and we get a baby!! YEAA!


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