Doctor's Appointment

I have my 33 week check-up tomorrow. Here are some questions I'll be asking:
  1. The skin on the top left part of my stomach is very sensitive - what can I do?
    1. It's normal for the baby's placement to make certain sections of your skin become more or less sensitive. Just keep on keepin' on until she pops out.
  2. I have several ribs on my left side (near my sensitive skin) that are often sore. Are they related?
    1. Not really, baby just likes kicking there.
  3. How can I tell when the baby is engaged?
    1. They'll be able to tell at the future appointments. The next one is in 2 weeks.
  4. How big is she?
    1. Haha.. the next post goes into that.
  5. How much does Joanna weigh? The internet says about 5lbs.
    1. Joanna weighs 6lbs 3oz right now. 
  6. I need another Rx of zofran; I'm on my final 2 pills.
    1. Done.
  7. When does the hospital give tours? 
    1. She recommended I check the website because they have scheduled tours and I can also sign up for a private one.
  8. I have stretch marks from my bellybutton down. What's the best lotion/oil I can use?
    1. She said all lotions pretty much work the same. There's no miracle for stretch marks because it's influenced by genetics rather than cosmetics. Some marks end up fading while some remain. 
  9. Why is my belly button off center?
    1. Joanna favors the right side and that's why the right side of my belly is stretched out, hence my bellybutton is to the left of center.


  1. For stretch marks, I'm in love with cocoa butter. They advertise for stretch marks, and they do wonders on my scars (as you know, I have quite a few from my klutz moments!). I know it all depends on your skin and there are several options out there, just thought I'd share my two cents! :)

  2. If your doc says its okay, I've heard that taking the Vitamin E gel capsules and breaking them open and rubbing the liquid on the stretch marks will lighten them. It also works with other various scars. Keep your tummy moisturized with cocoa butter now and then after delivery use the vitamin E. I used it on my knee and ankle surgery scars and they lightened up really quickly. I dont think they ever go away, but you can minimize their appearance :)

  3. I can't do the smell of cocoa butter. I've been using Burt's Bee's Belly Balm and it has a really nice minty smell. My marks are still pretty vicious since I'm only stretching in my stomach but I don't plan on flashing my belly to anyone ever.

  4. Belli skincare makes a elasticity oil for your tummy. I have some and it works just as well as cocoa butter and doubles as a massage oil (for labor!). I think CVS carries Belli... I know my OBGYN carries it but they are also affiliated with a MedSpa so I dont know if yours would carry it or not. It really helps with the itching too :)

    I believe they also have a stretch mark cream for after delivery. Their website is

  5. Thanks Jessica! You're the ultimate supplier of tips :)


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