Couch Sweet Couch

I wrote a song and posted it to my Facebook:

"Home home on my couch. Where the cat and I can be grouch(y). Nothing good on TV 'til it's time for Wendy (Williams), and the skies are just cloudy all day."

Laura: The cat just farted. It's just me on the couch for a while.

Robin: must have been bad if it scared itself away with the fart. Lol.

Betsy: Ok- you know how I think you look like Zooey Deschanel? Have you seen her show- New Girl? You act like her too! It's so funny; I feel like when I watch it you & I are getting to spend time together LOL Maybe you could be her stunt double!

Jeff: Netflix ftw.

Tommy: Youtube ftw.

Laura: Owens Brothers ftw.

Laura: ‎Betsy, I just may have to get bangs again then.

Tommy: Laura, do you get that Zooey thing a lot from people? She's always reminded me of you a little too...

Laura: Only when I'm adorable.

Jeff: ‎ always?

Laura: Gaaaaaw, thanks Jeff


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