Week 34 Wrap Up

I've been told that once the behbeh is engaged, I will feel great. I'll be able to breathe, I'll have more energy, I can do last minute touches on the nursery, and it'll be rather smooth sailing into the very final week(s). I quickly learned this is not the case for all pregos.

I feel awful ever since my little booger beared down in my underbelly. First of all, it's harder to breathe not easier. Secondly, the pressure while she's sleeping or while I'm sleeping is way more painful (in a pressure way, not in sharp way). Sometimes I have to wake her up before I can sit up in the mornings or after I sit at my desk for a long time. Whenever she's awake, she channels Michael Jackson and does kicks and punches everywhere.

Thursday is my next appointment and they'll do a sonogram to see how much bigger she is. My guess is that she's over 7 pounds already. I'm not excited about the possibility of inducing me early. As I said before, I don't mind being uncomfortable if it means I'll have a healthier baby. Just because doctors think she's too big doesn't mean she really is - we just grow big babies in my family. Doc hinted that the longer I wait, the more likely I am to have a C-section. I don't want one, but if I NEED one for the health of my baby, I'll do it without batting an eye. If it's more of a doctor's preference, I'd rather bear down and pop her out myself.

If they were a month off in their due date diagnosis, I'm 39 weeks. If they're correct, I'm 35. Either way she's mostly plumped and ready for business. My next appointment is on Thursday and I'm hoping they'll do another indepth sonogram and really make sure everything is where it should be. If I went into labor right now, she'd be pretty good. At 35 weeks, her lungs and liver aren't 100% so she'd be in the NICU for a few days (at least). At 39 weeks, she's basically fully cooked.

On a possibly related note, I had a ton of energy last Wednesday. I cleaned the house and went on a 2 hour coupon trip to Target without needing a break - this is unheard of. I know pregos get a rush of energy before labor, but that seems way too early.. hm..


  1. I'm so excited for you! You've got confidence and determination I've always loved and admired about you. Do what you got to do, Momma. He's got this. :)


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