How big is she??

Today's doctor's visit was very informative to say the least.

I went in and the doctor first answered my questions. When I asked how big she was, she had me lean back and she measured the belly as I continued asking my other questions about off center belly buttons and stretch marks. She paused and instead of giving me a measurement, she said "Hm.. she's measuring bigger than normal. I'd like to do an ultrasound to check it out." To which I replied, "Well, I did want a chubby baby." Doc didn't like that comment too much. She checked Joanna's heartbeat (160ish) and sent me back to the waiting room to see if an ultrasound tech could see me between appointments.

40 minutes later I'm laying on a table with jelly on my belly looking at freaky pictures of my unborn child. Ultrasounds are both exciting and confusing. I have no idea what the shadows and wiggly lines meant. Every now and then the tech would explain things to me and say things like "good" and "looks fine". I tried making conversation and she wasn't too keen on me interupting her work. I got to see all four chambers of her heart, her circulation in her umbilical cord, two kidneys, two legs, wiggly fingers and toes, a large head, and even a little bit of hair! It was really neat to have such an indepth look into the health of my baby girl.

When I asked her, "Can you tell how much she weighs?" and she waved her magic jelly wand around on my belly, punched in a few numbers, and told me 6lbs and 3oz.

Wait. What? My "little" girl currently weighs 6lbs 3oz?

That's right folks! My kid weighs at 33 weeks what 50% of babies weigh at birth!

After the 15 minute ultrasound extravaganza, I went back into the waiting room so the Doc could analyze the ultrasound and determine if there was any additional course of action needed. I waited and waited, possibilities bouncing around in my head. "Will I get to see her much sooner?" "Should I be worried?" "Will this be a September baby??" After waiting another 45 minutes, I could hear her come to the outside of the door, flip through my chart and say, "wow, that is a big baby!".

She came in, confirmed Joanna's weight, and made sure I didn't have gestational diabetes. Because "little" Joanna is already large and in charge with 7 weeks to go, my doctor said I should anticipate having a 9 pound baby. A NINE POUND BABY. I couldn't help but have a huge smile on my face - I was so excited! Doc was surprised at my smile and made sure I understood that big babies increase my risk for a C-section. "Whatever is best for her is fine with me." There's a 25% chance that my Doc will actually deliver my baby so I just need to make sure my birth plan is written out with that understanding.

I asked Doc if her size meant that my due date would move. "No, she's just a big baby". Her development is right on track for 33 weeks: almost all of her vital organs are formed and she is still very wiggly. I also asked what I can do to help prepare my birth canal. Her response? "Pray." haha!

They're going to do another ultrasound in 2 weeks to check her progress again. 

Okay, not quite that fat.
Nine. Pound. Baby. 


  1. YAY for big babies! The twins are also measuring big as well... I can honestly say that I feel your pain!

    Make sure you have your birth plan written out and Jonathan is very well versed in the birth plan. I remember not being able to think clearly during labor and Jonathan (my Jonathan...haha) was my voice. Prepare yourself for the possibility that you might have a c-section by talking to your doc and making sure you understand what will happen in the event of a c-section (procedure and recovery) because it is very different than a vaginal birth. After having one myself unexpectedly, I wish I would have gotten more info about it just in case. Now I've obviously been through it and I know its not as bad as I thought but its scary when you're in labor and emotions are high and you really have no clue whats going on.

    I'm praying for you guys that everything will go well and delivery will be smooth for you guys!

  2. Thanks Jessica!

    I already had her things packed in an overnight bag, so now I'm thinking of putting a 0-3 outfit in there just in case :)

    I'm thankful I have great maternity leave coverage. If its a C-section, I get 2 extra weeks of paid recovery time. I've done a little bit of research on C-sections and I'll be doing more very soon to prepare myself.

  3. I would suggest packing a newborn size and 0-3 months size just in case. We packed both and ended up using newborn which Emily was SWIMMING in. Its amazing that those things look so tiny but are oh so big.

    As far as the c-section thing is concerned, its not a fun recovery because you have a lot of restrictions, but its really no different than any other surgery. One thing I might suggest is to be prepared for the fact that you may not be able to nurse her for her first feedings. I had Emily at 4:30pm and wasnt able to move or really be coherent until about 6:30am. I was not knocked out, but with all the stress and medication it knocked me flat. We did formula (provided by the hospital) for the first night and then started nursing when I could actually focus on what was going on the next morning. I think that was the thing that got to me the most, this time around I'm prepared :)

  4. Were you able to lay her skin to skin after she was born? Or did they take her right away to do all of the tests? And did they still let Jonathan cut the cord?

    I originally had two newborn outfits packed so I'll swap one out for a 0-3.


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