God's Up To Something

I know God's in control. He reminds me of this everyday, some days more than others.

This weekend is my Lynchburg baby shower. Our really good family friend is throwing a tea party themed baby shower for us at her house. Well, she was. Lemme splain:

My Tea Party Dress from eBay
Out of the 25 people invited, 3 RSVP'd. One was a maybe and two were coming late. I reached out to all of the invitees and confirmed to see if they weren't able to come or if they forgot to RSVP. Most people can't come because they are participating or cheering for someone in the Virginia 10 miler. A few days ago, the hostess' daughter was diganosed with mono. As a result of this giant snowball effect, we decided to move the party to a restaurant and invite husbands/boyfriends to the shindig.

I know God is behind the unraveling of the party (in a good way). I'm not upset that it won't be what we planned; we've been blessed with two showers and the generousity of so many. We have all of our essentials and are (as) ready (as we can be) for baby to arrive.

I still plan on wearing a tea party dress!


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