Wiggly Booger

Joanna is perfecting her break dancing and fist pumping skills. I have to be careful not to lean too closely to my desk or else she'll bounce right off of it. She also enjoys sticking her butt out on the right half of my stomach. She loves it so much that I have more stretch marks on my left than my right, haha. She seems to know whenever Jonathan is around, too. She'll poke out on the side where he's closest. He's even able to provoke her and get her to push against his hand! I can balance a Slurpee on my stomach and take notes in meetings without using the conference table. Folding clothes is much easier with the additional counter space she gives me. I also have a portable furnace so I rarely get cold in my freezing office.

The best name I can give her is "wiggly booger". I don't know why; it just fits her.

I'm so looking forward to meeting her but I am definitely enjoying feeling every wiggle and hiccup until then.


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