Baby Wearing

That term is so weird. "Baby Wearing". I guess it sounds less mummifying than "Baby Wrapping"?

Thanks to the kindness of others, I am the proud owner of 2 fabulous wraps: a Girasol and a Moby. I finally played with them last night now that my incision is nearly healed. It's so fun! AND they are wonderful for keeping Joanna close with my hands free. 

Girasol Wrap
The first wrap was a gift from my mom. According to the inter webs, Girasol is, "... a Berlin-based company partners with Mayan women in Guatemala who are paid fair-trade wages to hand-weave these beautiful wraps. The Mayan women are experts in baby-wrapping, since it’s been a part of their culture for thousands of years. Now, they get to make a fair-living sharing their expertise with the rest of the world.

There are multiple lengths available and I have the longest length so I can do all of the wrap styles. It makes it a little more cumbersome to maneuver at first, but the end result is fantastic. The fabric is woven diagonally so it won't stretch with time. It feels great, too - not too heavy, not too lightweight. The biggest downfall is that these wraps can be a bit pricy - usually between $85 and $100. I'm assuming this is an international product, being a German company that uses fair-trade workers in Guatemala.

Moby Wrap

Moby is a more mainstream brand for baby wearers. We were able to put this wrap on our registry so we received it at one of our showers. This wrap is more like a thick cotton t-shirt. The downside is that Moby wraps stretch over time, especially if used for multiple kids. However, it's still a great value; they range from $45 to $75.  The basic style that I have is $45, but you can purchase fun and fancy wraps with great colors and designs. Moby is an American company and the tag says the wrap is made in Thailand. I couldn't find anything saying if they were fair-trade so I'm assuming no, especially since the price is so affordable.

Both wraps are machine washable and extremely versatile. I used a similar technique in both brands to show how you can make adjustments based on the season and your child. Joanna loves having her arms free when she's awake, so her arm is poking out in the Moby. She quickly fell asleep though so I was able to tuck it back in very easily.

To learn the dozens of ways to wrap a baby, you can visit WrapYourBaby. I can't wait to experiment with more styles as she gets bigger!


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