One Month Birthday

Today is Joanna's One Month Birthday!

I'm going to take a picture of Joanna in this chair each month. (I stole the idea from the Darder family.)

I wanted to list all of the amazing things that she's done this month but it's honestly too long for this blog. One month ago she didn't know how to do anything but kick her legs and punch my lungs, and those were involuntary. I hope. 

Joanna's grip is getting stronger each day! Her long, beautiful fingers are like boa constrictors as they wrap around jewelry, shirts, and whatever else gets in her grasp.

She can hold her head up for a few seconds before it crashes into our faces. She can sort of roll over. She's accidentally done it twice now, but I think it's because her kicking gave her momentum.

I love her voice. It's low and passionate without being annoyingly loud. Even her wails are lovable. And laughable. My favorite is when she gets so mad she starts saying "MEH" instead of "WAH". She sounds like the Penguin:

Golly. I love her.


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