Guest Blogger: Adelaide the cat

Adelaide the cat
Dad got a new game. This time mom likes playing, too. It's one I hadn't seen before: instead of making pictures and noises in the box against the wall, it's a rounder sort of contraption that can go into any room.  Smaller but louder than the other games. Mom and dad play all the time. It bores me. All it does is wiggle and make noise.

"It bores me."
People come over to play, too. Each human seems to want one for their own home. After they look at it and make round shapes with their mouths then pass it to the next person. That's when I leap in with a, "Good job with that thing. You may love me as your reward," by whipping my tail and shedding on their dark clothes. You're welcome.

I have a good life. I eat, sleep, poop, and get cuddles whenever I ask for it. But I can't help but notice they've become more and more preoccupied with this newfangled contraption. I kill bugs and accessorize clothing with my hair while that thing just wiggles and makes noise.

I am glad mom is taking pictures of it instead of me. She also stopped getting fatter. So now I don't have a round perch for naps. I think this thing is just another phase. Like their gym memberships. They'll come crawling back.

Mom just folded some clean laundry for me to lay on. Later.


  1. You are hilarious!

    I bet that is just what cats think when babies invade their family... :)


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