Mommy Moo

G'bye formula! I can make my own now :)

That's right folks! The formula worked beautifully in the first few days when we needed it, but we're successfully nursing now! Yaaay! I feel extremely proud of Joanna for toughing it out while mommy got her hormones together. I was even able to pump a little bit to help her transition back from bottle to boob.

By the way, electronic breast pumps are weird and wonderful.  It's eerily similar to what cows go through. Moo.

And now a helpful list of things "they" don't tell you about breastfeeding:
  • Mom's milk usually comes in 3 days after baby is born. (It took me 5 days). But don't worry, the first few days produce chlostrum and is very good for baby. 
  • Your baby will fall asleep on the first feedings - it's okay to poke and prod them to wake them up.
  • You will bleed, and that's okay.
  • You will be in pain, and that's okay.
  • Your baby will fuss, and that's okay.
  • Your uterus will contact like crazy and that's how you lose baby weight!
  • Nursing is fun/annoying/fulfilling/emotional. 


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